Thursday, August 2, 2012

Big Week, New Beginnings

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In the past 4 days I've closed on a house (and signed away every last penny that I own -- or so it feels), packed up our two-bedroom apartment life and moved it into our new home. I'm still surrounded by boxes, knee-deep in used bubble wrap and can't seem to find my shampoo (which is why my hair smells like California Baby Tea Tree & Lavender shampoo), but we are so very happy.

Tomorrow I am off to attend BlogHer '12 -- my first blogging conference experience -- amid the chaos at home, but this day off is much needed, and I know this conference will be an opportunity that I'd kick myself for missing. I'm excited, nervous and a bit overwhelmed (simply due to the craziness of this past week), but I hope to meet a lot of new bloggers and get some key insight into making this small passion of mine an even bigger passion. My goal is always to serve and entertain you, my amazing readers, so I'm bringing a notebook and an open mind with my tomorrow as I walk through the doors of the Hilton Hotel.

I adore you all for sticking with me despite my inconsistent postings, but everyone has moments in their life that take over and this week has been one of those moments (an extended moment, if you will).


Jennifer Colgan said...

It was so fun to meet you in person! Hope you got home okay and are settling into your new digs!

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